Vegetable Mini Spring Rolls400
Fried Prawn Balls730


Vegetable Hot & Sour420
Cream of Chicken & Sweet Corn530
Sea Food Tom Yam580


Cheese & Tomato Sandwiches720
Chicken Sandwiches660
Club Sandwiches (Served with French Fries & Mixed Salads)1320
Sri Lankan Omlette & Grilled Potato690
Cheese Omlette Boiled Potato & Mixed Salads790
Fried Egg Bacon & Sausages with Mixed Salads970


Boiled  seer  Mashed Potato & Boiled Vegetables1400
Fried Cuttle Fish in Garlic Sauce  & Boiled Vegetables  (Served with Steamed Rice)1400
Fish Fingers1050
Fish Stew1050
Devilled Fish1050
Sweet & Sour Fish1050
Hot Butter Cuttle Fish1120
Devilled Cuttle Fish1080
Prawns with Ketchup Chillie &  Mixed Vegetables1480
Sweet & Sour Prawns1090
Prawn Chopsuey1180
Devilled Prawns1090
Fried Prawn in Butter1090
Devilled Crab1140


BBQ Pork, Mashed Potato ,Salad & Grilled Tomato1400
Pork Stew1060
Pork Chopsuey1120
Fried & Devilled Pork1060


Boiled Chicken in Garlic Sauce with Mashed Potato & Mixed Veg1400
BBQ Chicken with Mashed Potato & Mixed Vegetables1400
Chilii Chicken with Cashew Nuts 1430
Chicken Chopsuey1120
Chicken with Kan Kun900
Sweet & Sour Chicken1020
Boiled or Fried & Devilled Chicken920
Chicken Stew920
Roasted Chicken (Full)1980
Roasted Chicken (Half)990


Fried Mutton with Red Chilli1560
Devilled Mutton1350


Devilled Mushrooms850
Mushrooms in Hot Batter850
Cauliflower in Hot Batter 850
Kan-kun with Garlic Sauce680
Vegetable Chopsuey820
Boiled Vegetables850
French Fries600
Caesar Salad580
Toss Salad580
Mixed Salad500


Letona’s Special Mixed Grill3400
Letona’s Special Seafood Mixed Grill3400
Grilled Pork Chops with Potato Salad & Grilled Pineapple1620
Sizzling Prawns with Garlic, Chillies and Lime1650
Sizzling Pork with BBQ Suce, Chillies and Lime1650
Sizzling Chicken with Red Chillies1650


Letona’s Special Rice (Chopsuey with Mixed Meat)1590
Letona’s Special Seafood Rice  (Chopsuey with Sea Food)1590
Nasi Goreng (Malay Spicy Rice)1180
Thai Spicy Sea Food Fried Rice1180
Thai Spicy Vegetable Fried Rice980
Mutton Fried Rice in Banana Leaf1030
Pineapple Rice With Prawns960
Chicken Biriyani890
Mutton Biriyani1180
Mixed Fried Rice800
Sea Food Fried Rice800
Prawn Fried Rice780
Chicken Fried Rice630
Fish Fried Rice630
Egg Fried Rice600
Vegetable Fried Rice550


Letona’s Special Noodles (Chopsuey with Mixed Meat)1590
Letona’s Special Seafood Noodles (Chopsuey with Sea Food)1590
Thai Spicy Sea Food Noodle1180
Thai Spicy Vegetable Noodle980
Letona’s Special Rice Vermicelli (Chopsuey with Mixed Meat)1650
Letona’s Special Seafood Vermicelli (Chopsuey with Sea Food)1650
Mixed Fried Noodles800
Sea Food Fried Noodles800
Prawn Noodles780
Chicken Noodles630
Chilli & Egg Noodles600
Vegetable Noodles550
Mixed Spaghetti1080
Sea Food Spaghetti1080
Vegetable Spaghetti850
Cheese Spaghetti1180


[Only For Dinner]
Mixed Meat Macaroni1120
Sea Food Macaroni1120
Vegetable Macaroni890
Cheese & Tomato Macaroni1120
String Hopper Biryani Chicken890
String Hopper Biryani Mutton 1170
Mutton Kothu990
Prawn Kothu970
Chicken Kothu750
Egg Kothu720
Vegetable Kothu600
Sea Food Kothu990


Mutton Curry1080
Prawn Curry900
Seer Fish Curry900
Kuruma Style Chicken Curry770
Country Style Chicken Curry580
Mixed Vegetable Curry550


Fresh Fruit Platter940
Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream400
Ice Cream wiith Nuts Cho,sauce (Two Scoop)400
Chocolate Biscuit Pudding300
Fruit Salad with Ice Cream500
Creame Caramel260


Fresh Lime Soda360
Fresh Lime Juice290
Fresh Orange Juice290
Fresh Mixed Fruit Juice300
Iced Coffee300


4+ Meal Deal 01 
  – Letona’s Special Rice (Chopsuey with Mixed Meat)          4,600.00
  – Creame Caramel Or Watalappan
  – 2 Ginger Beer 500ml 
4+ Meal Deal 02 
  – Chicken Biriyani          3,800.00
  – Creame Caramel Or Watalappan
  – Mint Sambol + Mango chutney + Onion salad 
  – 2 Ginger Beer 500ml 
4+ Meal Deal 03 
  – Thai Spicy Sea Sea Food Fried Rice          4,600.00
  – Creame Caramel Or Watalappan
  – Mixed Salad
  – Chili Paste
  – 2 Ginger Beer 500ml 
4+ Meal Deal 04 
  – Nasi Goreng (Malay Spicy Rice)          3,800.00
  – Creame Caramel Or Watalappan
  – Chicken Gravy + Chili Paste
  – 2 Ginger Beer 500ml 
4+ Meal Deal 05 
  – Chicken Kothu          3,200.00
  – Creame Caramel Or Watalappan
  – Chicken Gravy
  – 2 Ginger Beer 500ml 
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